KL-JAKARTA-KL Travelogue : Day 1 &Day 2

Day 1
2200 Hrs
Batu Gajah

Board the night shuttle train to KL Sentral.Paid for 3rd class coach.But since the train is almost empty, i sat at 2nd class coach.Watch the erun of RV onboard. Then zzzzzzz

gaya orang miskin naik koc mahal memang macam ni

Day 2
0236 Hrs
MCD, KL Sentral

Settled down here for a while.I didnt buy anything here.Lotsa of people is sleeping here.No one ordered the food.Wakakakakaka.What a scene..lulz..
But I need to find some plug for lappy before it went to sleep.Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.Damn you MCD.

F**k you MCD!!Haha.Gimme teh AC socket for my lappy.it need some fresh juice nao!

0630 Hrs
Bathroom, KL Sentral

Had my bath here.MYR 5 per entry (for shower only).Not bad.just nice for me.But no hairdryer.The changing room is a small room with a big mirror in front you,place to hang your dress, and a chair.A bit hot inside the room.In the shower room, you can choose between hot/cold water. :|

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blank172 berkata...

kalau nampak aku dekat utp tegur la.tak perasan. haha

kuc1n993m0k berkata...

haha.insya allah