KL-JAKARTA-KL Travelogue: Day 2

Ahh...Damn full with the double cheezeberger.ZZZZ

Day 2
1510 Hrs

Just check in my bag.damn i have to pay extra rm60 for 3 kg extra weight.demmit! -_-" I wonder how would it be when I go back to Malaysia.This might be my last post for today.I dont know about Internet Access in Jakarta.Perhaps I need to go to Warnet (Warung Internet@Cyber Cafe) there.


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Jazlin Ernida berkata...

balik malaysia baru think about internet access la. sekarang enjoy dulu your vacation in jakarta. hehe.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hoho dah start jalan dah! enjoy ur travel bro! ohh do enjoy jakarta also, ohh nanti kite enjoy thailand lak! hahaha